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saying about Precision Driving Academy

Excellent driving school…. I highly recommend this school. Very knowledgeable teachers. They teach the students how to change a tire and check the oil too. They spend a lot of time with each student to make sure they are ready to drive. 2 thumbs up.

May Naro via Precision Driving Academy Facebook Page

Great teachers. Flexible schedule , highly recommend this school!

Tracy Kitson Kanzig
The best part were the personal stories that allowed me to connect to driving safely and made the class more enjoyable.
Robert T., Your Content Goes Here

I enjoyed all of it, especially when the instructors would drone on.

John G, Your Content Goes Here

I enjoyed watching the fun instructional videos along with the great teachers.

Tom H., Your Content Goes Here

The real stories, they helped me realize what could happen if I didn’t take things seriously behind the wheel.

Paul S, Your Content Goes Here
I learned a lot that I didn’t initially know. The instructors were very kind.
Mary M., Your Content Goes Here

I loved the relaxed atmosphere and interactive classes.

Brad W., Your Content Goes Here

Good place. Great teachers. They also taught you what to do when you break down by yourself and nobody can get to you.

Brandon Naro

I just loved how involved we were allowed to be in class. I honestly enjoyed coming to class each time.

Gojko M., Your Content Goes Here
The instructors were hands on keeping students in touch and were always quick to answer our questions.
Kim P., Your Content Goes Here

Hearing all the stories from the instructors about their days as police officers made classes very interesting!

Rachel F., Your Content Goes Here