At Precision Driving Academy, our primary focus is on providing our classes with the knowledge they need to know to be safe, defensive drivers. We offer the state standard material, while adding additional videos, props, and lessons to make our course the most effective it can be. We feel it is important not only for you to know the laws, but about vehicle safety as well, which is why we teach tire changes and jump starts. Another important issue is cell phone usage while driving. We take the time to explain the misfortunes that can, and do, happen while using a cell phone and driving. Most people do not know what to expect at a traffic stop. Our police officers will go over exactly what to do, and not to do, if you are ever pulled over by a police officer.

It’s important to be able to find the right information needed to make sure your transition from pedestrian to driver is smooth and seamless! Here on our Forms and Information Links page you will find important Forms and Links that will assist you in your transition. Need a 50 Hour Affidavit? Have a question about what you need to bring to the BMV? Ready to schedule your driving exam? All these items can be found below and are just a click away!

Online Driver’s Education Course available here:

Online Teen Driver’s Ed

If you have any questions please contact us before you purchase a package. By purchasing a package you understand that Precision Driving Academy has a no refund policy.


Teen Driving Course
(Class D)

These courses are offered to new drivers. They are taught in our facility by State of Ohio certified instructors.

At Precision, we cover a variety of subjects such as being a defensive driver by anticipating others actions, safety behind the wheel, state laws and traffic signs/signals, how to operate a vehicle, along with basic vehicle malfunctions such as tire changes and jump starts.

We also take the time to show you how to maintain your vehicle including checking oil and other fluids.

Precision Driving Academy also partners with MADD (Mothers Against Driving Drunk) to provide tips, pointers and literature about drinking and driving.


Adult Driving

In-car: We typically drive for two hours at a time.

We evaluate your driving skill at the end of the in car time period and instruct you on what you need to improve on, or what you may need to practice on.
In these lessons, we take the information that we teach in the class and apply it to driving on the road.
There is no maximum or minimum hour requirements for in-car training. It is strictly based on your comfort level.
Rates are as follows:
$50 per hour of instruction
$325 for an 8 hour session