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In 2008, Brian Nolan and Jared Paulo became friends as they shared a background in Law Enforcement. With many years of experience and seeing many people hurt or killed due to negligence while driving, the guys sought out a better way to get drivers up to speed with current laws and driving tactics to prepare them for life on the road.

With Jared’s 15 ½ year old son in mind at the time, Brian and Jared decided to launch a driver’s education class that would combine the best in civilian and law enforcement point of view when it comes to tackling life on the road.

Here at Precision Driving Academy we don’t just train new drivers to obtain their license, we develop drivers of all levels to become skilled and safe drivers on the road.

Our best-in-class trainers give our students the confidence they need to quickly apply the skills they learn in the classroom, along with in-car lessons to real life situations on the road.

Our instructors are trained extensively and possess the ability to reach and teach drivers on all levels.

Contact us today at 216-505-5705 and allow us to help you to become a safe driver.


5357 Broadview Rd
Parma, OH 44134
(On the corner of Wexford Ave. and Broadview Rd.)

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